Monday, June 10, 2013

lAsT yR....

Finally one of the memorable yr of ma lyf has come to an end now. And has filled me with lotz of best and worst memories of ma lyf that I’ll never going to forget for lyf tym. As year was ending, I was feeling same as one feels the sweet taste of water after having gooseberry :) …”What's sunshine with no rain, What's joy without the pain”!!! 

Many things turned up so unexpectedly, few brought happiness n for few, I still unable to figure out the reason. We planned so many things in our lyf but ultimately happens wat has written in our destiny wid sum reasons behind, few which are far away from our understanding…. hope someday everything will make perfect sense to me too.

But Thanks to Allah for everything for picking me up, holding me and never letting me go, for giving me  strength n confidence, for giving so many reason to smile my family n friends who are always dere for me...THANKS ALLAH

Now again new yr new plans new hopes…let c hw this yr will going to be…MUST B GR8 :) :) :)

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