Monday, July 2, 2012

sOuL sUrFeR

Yesterday saw a movie soul surfer Jst an Awsum movie!!!

A true inspirational story of Bethany Hamilton, a passionate surfer. She has a  dream to become a professional surfer but her path wasnt dat easy to fulfil it.But she continued in achieving her goal even after lost her left arm in shark attack .

She beckoned  millions of ppl with her trust, faith, full determination n hope whoes lyf has changed in seconds n cant be same s before..n to us also who have everything (Alhumdulilah) bt still do cursing for one o another thing in our life.

She is a perfect example for us dat nothing can stop us  in achieving our dreams even if worst thing happens  with us. All depends upon us only whether to feel miserable or prove ourself n challenge back to circumstances. Face it o Lose it..!!!

Hats off to Bethany Hamilton  n her family !!!

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